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Get Your Review On™ is an easy way for you to amass large amounts of online reviews and block negative reviews, while you just run your business! (We do it for you or you can do it yourself from your dashboard). Also, it is less than a cup of coffee a day! 

How Does Your Business Compare?

Clients, Patients, Customers, Friends and Competitors ALL Read Online Reviews.   Gather Many Reviews.

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We will never sell or share your information with anyone.

We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.

Anthony Robbins


left I tried for 4 years to get my Patients to leave online reviews. I received only 4. In my first month using Get Your Review On™ I received 31! right
– Dr. Arvinitis
Pro Health Doc

left My Real Estate business has increased since using your software. People want to hear from others that we can help them with their Real Estate needs. right
-William A. Roberts III
ReMax Realtec

left If it was a competitor, I would tell them it’s an awful service, but anyone that’s not in my geographical area, I would recommend it highly to them, and I have. So, I think it’s fantastic. right
-Allan Kaplan
Progressive Insurance Services




Get Your Review On™



Get Your Review On™



Get Your Review On™

Get Your Review On™ Works with many more sites. Click Here for a complete list.

Get Your Review On™ gives you a consistent process for generating and responding to customer feedback so you can build your business.

Get Your Review On™ in Action

Our Customer Feedback Platform Insures You Get The Competitive Edge!

Finally, Online Feedback You Can Control!

Even Easier – We Do It All For You!

1. Importing your email list or adding emails. 

We can do it for you (included) or you can – with ease

Accepted formats:


2. It’s Set Up for You and auto sends feedback requests.

We even make it look like it is from you with your logo and banner.



3. We notify you of feedback received. 

Positive or Negative.

The positive auto posts to your website or to any of the 140+ Review Sites we work with like Google, Yelp, Facebook, Avvo, HealthGrades, etc.



4. You get all negative feedback sent to you, to decide if you want to address it and whether or not to post it. Let the public see what you want..

Don’t be held hostage by detractors to your business!


5. Google loves you because of the accelerated new content – your client reviews – & it moves you up in the search results.

Not to mention the tons of 4 & 5 Stars you receive!


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