Get Your Review On: Why Having A Constant Flow Of Reviews Is Necessary


So now that it’s clear that consumers seek recent reviews, businesses and marketers need to integrate encouraging reviews as an ongoing strategy and not just a tactic to get a handful of reviews one time.  Reviews from a few years ago just might not resonate with consumers at all.  It’s no surprise they might be thinking “that was then, this is now”…

Get Your Review On™ How to Make It Easy to Get 5 Star Ratings?

Reviews are some of the strongest online tools available to a company. With the advent of social media, customers are now very comfortable with venting out their feelings online. Facebook and Twitter, in particular, are popular forums where customers post their personal feelings about a product and a company; and negative comments can be devastating.

However, what you should know is that reviews can be managed. You can implement actionable approaches and acquire good reviews for your company and your products. Here are a few techniques that should prove helpful…

Get Your Review On™ Testimonials: Are They Good or Bad For Your Business?

Let say you want to buy a new bed. What do you do? First you go online, find several models and compare their prices. Then you go to different online superstores to find competitive discounts. Then you search Google for reviews about the beds, right?
You will be surprised to know that almost 90% of people do the same thing to find, research and buy products online. In fact, a study by Dimension Research has shown that almost 90% of online shoppers use online reviews to help them make a product buying decision…